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let me tell you a few things about matty healy: he waxes poetic about pop bands and how much he loves them, he half-spills secrets about a song they’re working on for a certain boyband, he gets flustered by harry styles and is not afraid to admit it, he loves to talk about his baby brother, he sprawls on couches and drawls ‘hi darling’ while smoking his third cigarette, he launches into talk about fashion and the uk and love and blonde afros and the places he’s thankful to have been, he remembers the fan who tweeted and did everything for his band to get to manila, he gets excited thinking about the year ahead of him and his band, et cetera et cetera. i know a lot of people - or at least, people in my circle - aren’t too keen on his band’s sound, but as an individual, matty’s kind of a keeper. he’s so fun to hang out with, and it doesn’t hurt that he looks like /that/, yknow?

I second that. Still can’t get over the day I spent with that guy. ugh 

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You are suffering because
you do not want to see life as a
cycle of losing and gaining
and stumbling in-between.
You are heart broken because
you think things happen once and that’s it.
You are heavy because
you are too afraid of emptiness to let go.
You are sad because
you think about yourself too much.

An Easy Fix | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

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We are somewhat introverted and look to be inspired by ourselves, which sounds pretentious and cliché, but we listen to our past material and think ‘well how can we steal that and get away with it’ and as we do that we find coherency.

— Matty Healy x (via the1975obsessed)

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